Mentre® Corporation is a business consultancy network that provides  structured business solutions to growth stage companies, established small businesses, or corporates wanting to expand into new markets or services. Our approach starts with an assessment of your growth and financial performance objectives, which is backed by years of practical experience and a systematic 10 module approach. This is supported by comprehensive  coaching, mentoring and training programs.

Please contact Mentre on +61390051765 or email us at robert(at)mentre.com.au to find out more about our business optimisation and growth programs which we tailor to meet your specific business needs. A key feature of the Mentre coaching,mentoring and workshop programs, is personalised, one-on-one mentoring/coaching support provided by members of the Mentre network. Each Mentre Mentor has over 20 years experience in senior management roles in start-up ventures and/or large organisations.

Mentre Corporation is also a major shareholder in

- Optias Pty Ltd, which solves complex business problems using sophisticated mathematical tools and extensive business experience and know how. www.optias.com.au

- Information City Australia, which commercialises new business ideas, invests in high technology start-up companies, and provides access to investment advisory services. www.informationcity.com.au

- Global Access Partners [GAP], which organises high level national and international events for a wide range of industries and issues. www.globalaccesspartners.org.

Mentre Completes over 125 Coaching and Mentoring Workshop Programs

Mentre has completed over 125 Coaching and Mentoring Workshop Programs since they were first offered in 2005. These Workshop Programs received funding support from the Victorian Government Vicstart Program.